Footage Firm is a wonderful stock footage company! has been up for two years and now has over 120,000 registered users who have downloaded over 1 million free stock footage clips to date!

The bandwidth alone required to keep this site running is extremely expensive, so we thank Footage Firm for making it possible.

If you would like to support Footage Firm, you can buy some of their free stock footage, backgrounds or sound effects DVDs that cost only $8.41, which covers all shipping and handling. There are never any additional fees:

More about Footage Firm:

Footage Firm is one of the largest and most well respected stock footage companies with over 30,000 satisfied customers.

Here are some recent blog and press write ups on the company:


“I recently acquired some stock footage from FootageFirm and was blown away. The quality was better than I could have imagined.” – Sandy of GeniusDV

“ is giving away some cool time lapse footage. 10 collections to be exact which contain over 150 time lapse clips in high definition and standard definition.” – Derek on

Which Stock Agency ranks Footage Firm as one of the “Best Stock Footage Agencies”

“The guys at Footage Firm are back with ten new collections of timelapse footage for you to get your mitts on! This stuff is expensive and they are giving it away FOR FREE!” – Topher of

“One of my favorite places to get royalty free images, Footage Firm, is giving away ten discs worth of royalty free video. You have to pay $8.41 shipping per disc, but it is still an incredible bargain.” – Lorraine of

“I received a good sampling of Footage Firm’s Time Lapse collections and was significantly impressed. Each disc held 15 HD 1920×1080 Photo JPEG clips as well as 15 Standard Definition versions at 720×480. Each clip appeared to be beautifully lit and filmed and the time-lapse effects for any of them are clearly of excellent quality.” - Steve of “Ken Stone’s Final Cut Pro Website”
Thank you, Footage Firm!
- Team


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